We raise money by hosting events and direct donations. But we also sell merchandise to do that too. Check out our new storefront to support the cause. Thanks in advance!

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About AlphaWe- Art Culture and Entertainment


AlphaWe is a Non-Profit organization with a mission to help preserve the cultural origins of the Art and Entertainment industry. Through participation and support for festivals and Artists we will achieve our main goals of Learning, Chronicling, and Teaching the future generations where their love for everting creative started. We work mostly in Tampa Florida but our goal is to expand as far as we can beyond this region.

The vision is to bring together the right resources to take events to the next level.  Alpha-We is a movement born of the need to strengthen support for events both large and small.  We started in the Caribbean events market but why stop there. We have so much more to offer, the sky is the limit.

We are growing at a rapid pace, using the power of good old fashion networking and social media we have tapped into a limitless source of hidden potential. As you read this Alpha-We is linking with the power players behind the scenes to form the kinds of collaborations that can make things happen.  We are all about taking things to the next level, the unexpected level; we bring out the ALPHA in whatever we touch.

We are going to be featuring local and regional entertainment constantly.  We continue to find new events and venues, some already established but in need of a reintroduction to the masses. Look for new spins on old things; look out for the collaboration of the top players.

Be ready to be surprised

Don’t Wait! contact us, tell us where you are, we can make things work.

Alpha-We would love to make that idea in your head a reality.

Remember, Alpha-We is for all a we!


Chief Executive Officer/ President

Chief Operating Officer/ Vice President