We are about promoting the events and promoters who show the vision to take the industry of art and entertainment to new heights. Too much of the same old same old is destroying art and entertainment. All these cookie cutter events where everything is predictable is taking away the awe and intrigue we need to make things Epic. So you have a local artist who wants to wow us with their talent, great what else do we have to support them? What are you patrons going to walk away from this with? If the artist is as talented as you advertise (I am working on the assumption that they are mind you) then at least 60 percent of your audience will walk away with a CD and the hopes that they will see this hidden talent in lights some day. That’s good, but that isn’t ALPHA. Why put on a show when you can put on a performance. Let them come in premied to hear great music but then bring in the Spoken Word master. Feature servers wearing the latest designs from a designer right there at the venue, you start having VIP attendeeds direct then to park off site, shuttle them in with chanpaign Limosine service. Twit and Facebook everything, make an event an experience in other words.