The Tampa Bay market is ready for something more that the same old same old, ready for something unique, something ALPHA. We are all about bringing back creativity and moving away for our play it safe mentaily.  If it isn’t broken dont fix it, build on it, Alpha-We is saying that re-creation of the same thing we saw last year and the year before that is making entertainment in the region stagnant.  We understand that right now Art and Entertainment is thriving, but why aren’t we taking more chances, pushing the envelope?

ALPHA-WE is looking for those elements that are ready to do just that,  make things more than just status quo.  We are in the business of collaboration like no other, the path to success for us means that everyone benefits and the consumer is always, always left begging for more.

The next step for us is to make Tampa bay the springboard for things to happen on a much larger scale.  We always expected it to be an uphill battle but we know that the view from the top is amazing.   We are also pleasantly surprised at the amount of like minded people we have found in the region.  So let’s get to work reviving the intrigue of the Arts and entertainment.