AlphaWe A.C.E Carnival Band

Unleash Your Inner Island Spirit and Get Ready to Shake Your Tail Feathers! The Caribbean Carnival Season is here, and We’ve Got a Costume Reveal That Will Take Your Breath Away!

Pre Registration closed as of February 17th, now that Costume designs have been unvield Registration fees will start to be collected and Band Section Slots will be locked in. Pre-Registrants are gauranteed a slot up to the 1st of March!!!

Tampa Carnival 2023 Registration Highlights:

  • Band leaders are pictured on the Band Leader page, they will be the only ones collecting payments from band members
  • $80.00 registration is due immediately, followed by deposit on March 10th
  • Balance due at when you pick up your member package
  • After March 26th costume manufacture orders are locked in, and registration will be closed.
  • headband, armband, and leg pieces accompany the costume
  • And remember always read documents in their entirety when registering, Welcome to AlphaWe

Section Costs

T-shirts $160.00 (Very Limited section)

Sirene (Adult Section Blue)

  • Sirene Scout Male  and Female  $250.00
  • Sirene Messenger Male (Feathered Armor) $375.00
  • Sirene Messenger Female (Neck Piece) $375.00
  • Sirene Sky Warrior Male (Wing) $475.00
  • Sirene Sky Warrior Female (Wing) $475.00

Soufriere (Adult Section Red)

  • Soufriere Scout Male  and Female  $250.00
  • Soufriere Messenger Male (Feathered Armor) $375.00
  • Soufriere Messenger Female (Neck Piece) $375.00
  • Soufriere Sky Warrior Male (Wing) $475.00
  • Soufriere Sky Warrior Female (Wing) $475.00

Fini (Kids section, available with an accompanying Adult)

  • Scout Boy  $125.00
  • Sirene Scout Girl  $125.00
  • Sirene Messenger Boy (Feathered Armor) $175.00
  • Sirene Messenger Girl (Neck Piece) $175.00

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