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 Florida is home to some of the most amazing cultural celebrations in the world. From the Gasparilla Parade to its own Caribbean Carnival, the city of Tampa is always buzzing with excitement. The Gasparilla Parade is an annual event in Tampa that takes place during the last week of January. It has grown to be one of the most popular in the nation. The parade features a variety of floats and dancers. If you are looking to spice up your year, you need to come join the Caribbean Community during Gasparilla. It is a festive event with a lot of life and energy.

What to know before you go

AlphaWe presents its costume line, The Island Bounty paying homage to our first design as a band in Tampa Florida.  Every year we play with the design a bit to add a unique flair, but you will always know us by our blue and gold highlights.  Our members register to join the float run by Tampa Caribbean Inc.  The Caribbean Krewe led by Devon and Jennifer George.  Our pure energy is a must-see for anyone who enjoys attending, and the George’s do a great job taking care of all our needs on the road.  


lpha Beauties

What to expect from the Gasparilla Parade

The Gasparilla parade is a great way to warm up during the Florida Winter season and a great way to get a taste of the Caribbean without going there. The event is a Mardi Gras-style parade, that can be enjoyed on three separate occasions.  First is the kids’ parade, a Family affair held at the end of January.  About a week later you have the Gasparilla Day parade when the adults join the festivities.  Then about a week or so after that, you have the night parade.  Each version of the even has its own special attributes but they all feature a variety of floats, costumed characters, and vivacious music.


What you should know about the Caribbean Carnival

There are many aspects of the Caribbean Carnival that are also in Gasparilla.   Carnival is a celebration
of the cultures of the Caribbean going back hundreds of years just like Gasparilla.  The most obvious though is that the parade is the most popular aspect of the event, and it is always a great time.  AlphaWe has taken part In Tampa Carnival every year it has been held since 2018.  We enjoy building and then presenting our colorful, vibrant, and interesting costumes.  Even more fulfilling are the people we
get to celebrate with.  Gasparilla is a perfect fit for us because the live music, dancing, and other fun activities are exactly what we do every year.


In Conclusion

The Gasparilla parade is one of the largest and most-watched events in Tampa, Florida.  This annual event celebrates the culture and the city’s unique roots.  The parade is now over 100 years old and has become a tradition for Tampa residents and visitors alike.  It’s a must-see for anyone visiting or living in Tampa and is a great way to welcome the new year. 

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