For months, Alpha We Band Leaders worked on their Genesis-themed carnival costume line for the Caribbean event. 

On April 30, 2022, Tampa Bay Caribbean  Carnival kicked off its 17th annual festival in the downtown area in Perry Harvey Sr Park.  The day began with the mas band masqueraders tailgating along the roads in preparation to meet the parade attendees.  The DJs played electrifying music that everyone enjoyed and danced to.

Alpha We, Genesis Band was more than ready to fete.  We hit the parade route in our pure white, silver, and gold custom-designed costumes by “Touch by Class”.  Touched by Class, designed the costumes with the masqueraders in mind.  Keeping them sexy and high fashioned was the accomplished goal. Everyone glistened and sparkled in their jewel-adorned attire. 

Along the parade route, the AlphaWe Gents could be seen feteing with the parade patrons.  No one went hungry for a whine.  

Alpha We took center grounds and jammed out to Bunji Garlin’s Rango.  What a time they had.  In unity, they ran out to the grounds and fete with one another.  We can’t forget about those Gents who truly represented themselves with their fancy footwork. This was truly a no-judgment zone.  The joys of the event could be seen as they misbehaved with patrons and other masqueraders. There was no mistaking the group enjoyed themselves.  

The rain came later but did not drench the spirit for long as we went on to the After Party Hosted By Jerk Hut and DJ Spice/Freedom Sounds at the Turn Tables.  

AlphaWe was honored to have taken part in this annual event and are preparing for 2023.  

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